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Stage Phantom Icons' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Stage Phantom Icons

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16 POTO + LND [08 Feb 2012|09:22pm]


HERE @ mysticalicons
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14 POTO & LND + 15 Cast [21 Nov 2011|07:33pm]


HERE @ mysticalicons
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US Tour Icons [17 Jul 2010|03:25pm]

36 Phantom of the Opera (stage, all TMG)


The rest reside at the journal.
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[10 Feb 2010|05:28pm]


Phantom of the Opera
-20 icons
-5 banners
-1 Wallpaper


The rest HERE at [info]perros_guirec

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New PotO Icons(Broadway Production) [19 Sep 2009|04:36pm]


Go here via my icon community kurosaki_icons
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90 ALW icons [11 Jul 2009|11:24pm]

90 ALW Phantom of the Opera icons (current London cast)


The rest can be seen HERE at my community tenandsixpence 
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[14 Feb 2009|08:42am]


ALW Phantom of the Opera: 50
1990 Phantom of the opera: 7
1925 Phantom of the Opera: 10
Robert England Phantom of the Opera: 12
Other(Disney, Vanessa Hugens, Britney Spears, Repo!): 7

Here at the Journal

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[14 Feb 2009|12:43am]

[11] Phoenix Wright (Takarazuka Musical)
[16] The Phantom of the Opera (ALW Stage)

here @ objecti0nable.
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Phantom graphics [02 Feb 2009|02:17pm]

ALW Phantom: 43
1990 Phantom: 19
Cartoon & 1943: 2
Yeston &Kopits Phantom: 21
other: 10
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Honoring Phantom Icon Makers [16 Nov 2008|12:00am]


potoawards is an awards community for all Phantom of the Opera (stage or movie)icons and where you can nominate your icons or icons by others. There are a lot of great Phantom icons out there and this is the place to pay homage to the makers.

Apologies beforehand if not allowed.
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[05 Oct 2008|02:57pm]

[01-22] Sweeney Todd
[23-32] The Phantom of the Opera (ALW Stage)
[33-50] Misc. (LXG, Crystal Maze, Clue, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 1776)

it was time well wasted.
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[75] Phantom of the Opera [14 Aug 2008|07:35pm]

[75] Phantom of the Opera (stage)

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[19 Mar 2008|07:19pm]

[12] Phantom of the Opera (stage)
[18] Tanz der Vampire (Hungarian production)

Sink mit mir ins Meer der Zeit...
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Who made this icon? [06 Jan 2008|05:03pm]

I really love this icon here and I snagged it ages ago and I was idiot and didn't type in who made it in my photobucket account, so is it yours or do you know who made it?

Thank You!
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[08 Dec 2007|10:56pm]

[120] Icons
[15] The Phantom of the Opera (stage show)
[05] Yeston/Kopit's Phantom (Takarazuka Revue)

[15] Kelly Clarkson
[15] Stock (general)
[10] Stock (Christmas)
[10] Disneyland Face Characters
[15] Mary Poppins (movie)
[05] Tarzan (movie)
[20] Disney Grab Bag
[10] Grab Bag

[24] Various Graphics
[10] Rent (movie) banners
[06] Friends Only banners (Disney, The Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Cats)
[08] Colorbars (Disney, Kelly Clarkson, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Jennifer Ellison)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This post is not dial-up friendly!

All in an enormous graphics post here at halfinshadow.
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[07 Oct 2007|01:07am]

[01-20] Sweeney Todd Movie
[21-32] Flame of Recca
[33-64] The Phantom of the Opera (ALW stage+2 doujinshi)

you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer
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[19 Aug 2007|04:16pm]

Sarah Brightman Harem photoshoot [1 -66]
Sarah Brightman La Luna photoshoot [67- 129]
Sarah Brightman Diva photoshoot [130- 182] Note: most of them are from the very same photo. Some are in black & white, others a little coloured from the white & black versions and finally others are from a doble colorize I did though it is a bit difficult to see the differences if you don't see both colorizes at the same time. The rest are from screencaps I made from the photoshoot video.
Sarah Brightman Harem a dersert fantasy and Harem world tour live from Las Vegas [183- 225]
Sarah Brightman Classics photoshoot [226 -242]
Sarah Brightman at Classical Brit Awards [243- 286]
Sarah Brightman at Diana's Memorial Concert [287 - 318]
Sarah Brightman at Live Earth Shanghai [319 – 351]
POTO stage & Vanity Fair 1988 photoshoot [352 - 388]


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Part 1 & Part 2 @ mysterious_arts
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[13 Jul 2007|10:37pm]

61 Icons
15 Gone With the Wind
09 The Phantom of the Opera 2004 Film
15 The Phantom of the Opera Stage

22 Titanic


The rest
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[03 Jul 2007|06:16pm]

[01-40] The Hunchback of Notre Dame
[41-60] Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust
[61-76] The Phantom of the Opera (ALW stage)
[77-86] Van Helsing

'cause i don't believe in you anymore
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Multifandom post [02 Jul 2007|04:31pm]

My first multifandom post ever! :) Yay! Here are 84 icons in total.

[12] Doctor Who (2.07 The Idiot's Latern)
[12] Elisabeth (musical)
[12] Pride and Prejudice (1995)
[12] The Phantom of the Opera (musical)
[12] North & South (miniseries)
[12] Stock (my own photographs of Vienna)
[12] Elizabeth (1998) 

The rest is at my icon journal here @ great_company   
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scott davies icons [17 Jun 2007|11:54am]

[ mood | creative ]

41 Phantom of the Opera (stage)
01 Pirates of the Caribbean wallpaper


+38 at my journal

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Stage icons [27 May 2007|01:26pm]

My first batch of 31 icons from my all time favourite musical: The Phantom of the Opera! :)


The rest is at my journal here
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[20 May 2007|02:42pm]

[ mood | productive ]

51 Phantom of the Opera (stage)


Over here at my journal.

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[19 May 2007|06:21pm]

[26]Van Helsing
[06]abingdon boys school
[07]Tanz der Vampire
[08]The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
[16]The Phantom of the Opera (ALW Stage)

[06]Liar Game

if there's a prize for rotten judgment, i guess i've already won that
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help? [10 May 2007|06:40am]

i've been lurking a while and i was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good place or person who has Phantom stage icons.
but with Colm Wilkinson as Phantom.
it would be amazing.
<3 rebecca
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