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stage_potoicons's Journal

Stage Phantom Icons
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All Members , Moderated

1. Please focus primarily on the stage incarnations of The Phantom of the Opera; any non-stage icons or graphics should be placed under a cut. And yes, this includes any icons you may have of Ken Hill's show or the Yeston & Kopit's Phantom.

2. Requests will be allowed, but be sure to be as specific as possible and try to provide pictures.

3. Posts containing more than four icons should be put behind an LJ-cut. (In other words, you may have up to 4 teasers/samples, but the rest should be under a cut.)

4. When posting graphics larger than 300x300 (length-wise or height-wise), put them under a cut.

5. Be sure to provide your own guidelines when posting icons; be sure to adhere to these guidelines when taking icons.

6. Advertising will be allowed, but only for communities related to stage incarnations of The Phantom of the Opera; limit it to once a month.

poto_icontest [the original Phantom Icon Challenge Community]
stage_icontest [A stage-only Phantom icontest Community]
stagestillness [Another Phantom icontest community for non-animated stage icons]
stagechallenge [The sister community to stagestillness, animation allowed]
potoichallenge [Also a Phantom Icon Challenge Community]
poto_stillness [And another icon challenge community]
goodpotostage [An elitist icon-making community]

Want to affiliate with stage_potoicons? Leave a comment to kanoodle' journal. Only for Phantom-related communities.

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